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We at Carolina Carports Online ultimately believe that "Customer Satisfaction" is imperative to any successful business. Carolina Carports Online offers a number of pre-designed metal structures. We are confident that one of these units will meet your needs. Understanding the fact that each consumer’s needs are unique, we also offer customized buildings with options such as windows, walk-in doors, garage doors and 13 different colors to choose from. Each structure is individually manufactured in a state of the art manufacturing facility, where we employ a highly skilled work force. Our state of the art manufacturing facility located at our North Carolina Corporate office produces materials to better serve our customers.

Certified structures are backed by an engineer stamped approval. These structures are wind and snow load rated for compliance with local and state regulations in most areas. Certification is available with all of our designs. We invite consumers to compare our products with the competition because we are confident that Carolina Carports Online products are higher quality and overall superior.

Some of our standard projects include: regular style carports & garages (available in 12 or 14 gauge steel), Boxed Eve carports & garages (available in 12 or 14 gauge steel), vertical roof carports & garages (available in 12 or 14 gauge steel), utility buildings (available in 12 or 14 gauge steel), triple wide carports (available in 12 or 14 gauge steel), certified carports & garages, custom sizes and specials carports & garages, side entrance carports & garages, and barns. With the many upgradable options to choose from, please consult one of our experiences sales staff to find the perfect match for you.

Carolina Carports Online prides itself on being at the cutting edge of metal structure design. Our highly qualified staff can design and manufacture structures for a wide variety of projects. Carolina Carports Online has a knowledgeable sales staff and excellent customer service team what is waiting to assist you with all your metal building needs. Your carport/garage will be delivered free to your home for expert installation, on site, to ensure your satisfaction.

Please call us today Toll Free 1-888-833-8088.

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